Dr. Stone- Episode 3 Review

Hello yellow y’all, happy Tuesday! So, it is announced in this episode that we are now fast forwarding from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Congrats to Senkuu and mad respect for accomplishing such a thing in literally the span of, like, one year. But….Tsukasa is still out and about and that spells trouble for our main characters. Read more to find out my thoughts on this episode.

The Good

Yeah, see, I have no problem with Senkuu. Tbh, I would dare to say that I like his character as well as Tsukasa’s character but I just really can’t stand Taiju. He’s too stupid and that’s cause sometimes I actually like stupid characters, but he’s too much for me. Like, him immediately revealing to Tsukasa that they have a “miracle fluid” that revives the stone people right after Senkuu thought that he should hide it from Tsukasa. I know it’s supposed to be comedy but all it does is irritate me. Some people in the forums were saying stuff like “well, how could Taiju know not to say anything?” or “he thought that Tsukasa was on their side so it’s not his fault.” Now, see, I don’t think this. Most folks with the bare minimum in reading a room and understanding social cues would sense that there was something wrong and would definitely wait to follow Senkuu’s lead before saying or acting on anything. His stupidity doesn’t give him a free pass y’all. It’s Taiju and the huge contrast between facts and completely unrealistic shit that does not butter my biscuit. Like, alright Tsukasa, I didn’t know your arm could bend that way or stretch that far to catch Taiju when he’s like ten feet away from you running in the opposite way that you’re facing. I don’t buy shit like that, or that he killed a fucking lion with one single punch. But, I’ll let it go for now cause I still actually like his character and am willing to look past it. Lol, for real tho, so Tsukasa’s not just hella strong, he’s also hella smart to figure out that it’s nitric acid that’s falling from the bat cave. Tbh, without already knowing before hand, I wouldn’t have known the name of the chemical and just would’ve thought it was regular useless bat pee. I love him and how he’s both strong and smart and hella sweet. Well, umm, he’s only sweet to those ‘deserving’ tho. Like, god, um… Tsukasa, try not to kill children’s parents literally right in front of them and then put a shell necklace around their necks. It’s fucked in many ways. When they get de-stoned those poor kids are gonna be messed up after seeing that. I still love him, but….that was hella wrong. Haha, and while Tsukasa’s over there doing dark ass shit, we have love birds and a fucking third wheel over here. Lol, I love Senkuu’s face at Taiju and Yuzuriha’s dramatic reunion. He’s just awkwardly standing there like ‘could y’all not?’ Haha, his reaction is my reaction. As I said before in my review of episode 1, Taiju and Yuzuriha’s characters weren’t explored enough so, tbh, I don’t give two shits about either of them. So their separation, along with their reunion, does literally nothing for me emotionally. But, even though I wasn’t a fan of Yuzuriha in episode 1 being depicted as some Santa Maria angelic chick, I give her respect for barely waking up and then deciding that she’ll help and fight with both Taiju and Senkuu. Good girl, I approve of this hardworking feminism over here. I was really expecting her to be the useless type so I’m glad she’s willing to be helpful. Tbh, I’m glad I have a female character to like because I’ve been stuck with three dudes: Taiju (whom I hate), Senkuu (whom I want to ship with Tsukasa and like mainly because he reminds me of Tatsumi-senpai from The Tyrant Falls in Love), and Tsukasa (who is just beautiful in every sense of the word). And, to top it off, two out of the three boys have been giving me a moral headache. Like, okay, while I agree to some extent (really 50/50 with Senkuu and Tsukasa), Tsukasa shouldn’t be trying to call what he’s doing anything other than murder. “Culling” is literally just a, supposedly, ‘righteous’ way of saying murder. Whether someone kills for ‘good’ or kills for ‘evil’, at the end of the day, it’s still murder. Tsukasa should own up to that. If it were me and I seriously believed in the principles that Tsukasa has, I wouldn’t shy away from the word murder. I would be self-aware enough to know what I am doing and wouldn’t be ashamed of it because it is what I believe is right. But, I mean alright Tsukasa, you do you. And, apparently, what you do is go in to attack anyone who gets in your way….um, like Taiju and Senkuu. Something I wanna say about that encounter between Taiju and Tsukasa is: first of all….that was a hella bad shot Senkuu, archery is really not that hard (as someone who’s practiced archery, it’s really just about practicing your aim and building arm strength) especially with a fucking crossbow; second of all, do they really expect us to believe that Taiju didn’t die from that kick but a fucking big ass lion was killed by one of Tsukasa’s hits?! I call bullshit! That would mean that Taiju is stronger than a lion and there’s just no way I’m believe that shit. This was the unrealistic bullshit I was talking about. Ugh, and Taiju, you’re such a simpleton. You’d purposefully get beat up so that Tsukasa won’t kill anyone anymore but you won’t at least fight back? Are you a fucking pacifist?! Hit him back boi! And, lol, his reasoning as to why Tsukasa should quit his shit…”killing people is bad”…..I mean, *slow clap* wow Taiju, that’s the revelation of the fucking century right there. While I don’t appreciate being lied to, I at least have to give some props to Taiju for faking going down from his wound from his fight with Tsukasa. Tbh, I thought he went down too quickly, especially after withstanding it to begin with. But I still call bullshit. Even for people who are “made to last” with “plenty of energy left”, that blow from Tsukasa would’ve been nearly fatal since he’s a guy who killed a lion with one punch. The suspension of belief in this show is just unbelievable. Lol, even Yuzuriha gets me. Her reaction to Senkuu’s ability to tell time by seconds by pulling out that science thing was literally me. Yeah, it’s not normal honey, I get you. I relate to her now, she’s a good girl and she seems to be proving herself pretty useful. Like, nice job Yuzuriha, she’s actually using her brain! She’s the one who found the Buddha statue and helped Senkuu figure out their exact longitude and latitude (another thing that I call bullshit on, btw). I take back my initial distaste for her. If she keeps being useful…I just might end up adding her to my short list of fav characters in this show that, for now, only really consists of Tsukasa. Ugh, but Taiju will certainly never make that list of mine. Like, wtf Taiju, how stupid can you be? “Who made you cry? Was it me?” Boi, literally no one was around to make Yuzuriha cry, sometimes people just need a good cry, especially in this kinda situation. But I was pacified after the anger I experienced after Taiju’s stupidity by Senkuu, surprisingly. Lol, Senkuu bursting Taiju’s religious revival bubble killed me. I agree with you Senkuu, it’s not almighty powers of an enlightened god, but the statue’s material which is bronze that has allowed the statue to remain mostly intact all this time. And, of course, with the word bronze we have a little hint for what’s to come. Now we go from the stone age to the bronze age in just one year. Nice job Senkuu, respect. Lol, meanwhile my man Tsukasa really is the whole fucking package: hella strong, dependable, protective, almost Senkuu smart, and hot as fuck with a dash of psycho. I love him! But, him figuring out Senkuu’s way of thinking and their plans for creating weapons of science does spell trouble for our protagonists so I have mixed feelings right now. Yeah, I knew Senkuu was gonna make some bullets/guns/powder. It’s the most logical action to deal with a guy who can catch your flimsy arrows (especially with Senkuu being such a terrible archer). But, let’s just hope they can create their gunpowder before Tsukasa gets there and fucks shit up.

The Bad

Literally all my complaints are Taiju related. I hate him! I know many people talk about him being their favorite character cause he’s so ‘funny’ but I’m not really a person who finds stupidity to be funny and, no, I don’t find it endearing either. If Yuzuriha can deal with his bullshit then she’s a fucking saint and is his only real match but, tbh, now that I’ve come to like her character, I think she can do better. I just, I can’t honestly believe that this show’s suspension of belief is this warped. They mix hard facts (usually through Senkuu’s science character) but then completely ignore reality all together with Taiju and some of what Tsukasa does. Like, I’m just really annoyed right now. This episode, Taiju annoyed me way more than ever before so I’m a lil angry.

Final Thoughts

I’m actually really curious and excited for next episode (lol, for once) because we are now entering the bronze age and I think the science that will be shown next episode should be really cool (like, making gunpowder sounds hella cool). But, we also have to watch out for my hella smart baby Tsukasa because he now knows the plan and Senkuu said it’d be bad if he found out before they had finished the weapon so……that’s a bit of a pickle. We’ll see what happens next episode.

Alrighty-roo y’all, so this is the end of my review of Dr. Stone episode 3. Thanks so much for reading y’all! I’ll be back on Thursday with some more otaku content. Have a wonderful Tuesday! 変なままに!XOXO

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