The “They Deserved So Much Better” Club – Part 4 (Anime Version)

Hey y’all, happy Thursday! Here’s the fourth and final part of the “They Deserved So Much Better” club. Counting down from 20 to 1, today we’ll be continuing where we left off in our countdown with numbers 5 to 1. Hope y’all enjoy today’s post!


Sami and Nibi from Children of the Whales are two of the most precious lil beans I’ve ever seen! I shipped Sami and Chakuro together so much. I mean, they already seemed like a cute ass married couple at age 14. But then, well, the invasion happened and (if you’ve seen the show) you know the rest. Don’t hate me, but I also shipped Nibi and Ouni (yes, your girl’s a fujo). There’s a fine line between bromance and straight up “I’m in fucking love with my best friend who just so happens to be a male like me but who the hell cares”. Nibi and Ouni? Let’s just say they were the latter. But again, what happened? The damn invasion happened. My precious little Nibi had his cute ass smile taken from him and boy oh boy was I sobbing alone in my room all night. Sami should have been able to spend what short of a life she had as Chakuro’s wife like she wanted and Nibi should have been able to stay by Ouni’s side to keep him from being lonely as hell but guess what?! Fucking invasion!!


Mikoto from K

AHHHHHH *sobs* Anyone here watch K? Honestly it’s a badass show and I can’t believe I found it by accident….more people should be talking about it…just saying. So, every time I watch an anime, I make a list of at least three characters whom I love. Mikoto? Yeah, he was my number one. What happened? Season 1 finale happened. Look at his precious little smile! Look at it! Why, season 1 finale?! This boy was, sure a bit of a delinquent setting fires all over the damn place and shit, but he was also a sweet papa to a whole ass gang family. He deserved to live the rest of his turbulent little life as their papa dammit!


Kaori from Your Lie in April

We all saw it coming…the show was getting darker and darker and she was getting sicker and sicker…we all knew it and yet, that did not stop me from going through like a month long depression over this sweet ray of sunshine! If any anime fan has heard anything about Your Lie in April, more than likely it’s about Kaori’s death. At this point, it ain’t even a spoiler anymore. I even knew this going in to watch it. It still got me y’all! Real bad! This adorable little cinnamon roll deserved the entire damn world and then some. She just wanted to be with Kousei. That’s all she wanted. To be with Kousei and to play the violin with his piano accompaniment, is that too fucking difficult?! I’m severely hurt from this show… sweet little nugget, ugh!!!


“Kokoro kara……aishiteru”. WAHHHHHH *sobs in fangirl*! Violet and Major Gilbert from Violet Evergarden need to just get married already, I swear…ugh! But no…..a damn war has to come in and fuck shit up! Why lie? Every freaking episode of this show had me sobbing buckets and tears until I just lost all my vision and wanted to go crawl in a corner and stay there for a very long time. I knew this, right? But my impatient as hell dumbass decided to still watch episode 9 (literally THE episode) in public on my university campus in front of everyone all because it had just come out that day. Needless to say I embarrassed the crap out of myself by proceeding to sob, like the ugliest sobbing you could ever imagine, for hours without stopping. This really got me y’all! Now that I’ve read the story, I’m good, but damn that shit fucking hurt me! All I want is a Violet x Gilbert wedding, is that so hard to accomplish? These two have been through a lot of shit, they deserve some fucking happiness dammit!


Oof! OOF! OOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Y’all……y’all, ugh! Shorter Wong and Ash Lynx from Banana Fish had me sobbing buckets and tears for months nonstop (this show emotionally destroyed me)! I’m literally still in the process of grief, I’m not even playin. First of all….Skip….second of all Shorter……third of all, my baby my gorgeous fucking angel Ash?! Like, why?! Why you do this shit MAPPA?! I was so pissed y’all! Yes, I had read the manga before watching the show so you’d think I’d be prepared not only for Shorter but for my fucking angel too but you’d be wrong! I, like many other fans out there, was praying every day like a good little noodle with every body part I could cross crossed so that MAPPA would change the ending. They’ve done it before with other manga to anime adaptations and so me, along with the entire fanbase, was just hoping with all our little otaku hearts that MAPPA would be kind to us. Instead? We got fucking shit on all over and my heart was yanked from my fucking chest in the last fucking like four minutes of the finale episode. I shit you not, the last couple of minutes! We were smooth sailing, we were good. What the actual fuck MAPPA?! Why you gotta do us so dirty like that?! Shorter sure as hell deserved to live past the age of like 17 and you fucking know damn well that my fucking angel, my lil baby Ash, has been through the literal gates of hell and has managed to find Eiji (most definitely the love of his fucking life) so he deserves a lifetime of happiness with him and anything else in the world that he fucking wants because he fucking deserves the literal universe on a plate! But no. MAPPA, you decided to be Satan incarnate and do a shitty ass thing…….I hope you’re happy with yourselves, you’ve just destroyed a million otaku hearts.

Okee y’all, so this is the end of the anime “They Deserved So Much Better” club. Thanks so much for reading y’all! I’ll be back on Tuesday with some more otaku content. Have a wonderful Thursday! 変なままに!XOXO

2 thoughts on “The “They Deserved So Much Better” Club – Part 4 (Anime Version)

  1. YumDeku says:

    K I honestly didn’t enjoy much, I didn’t understand thw whole kings thing so ruined it for me I guess. But your Lies in April definitely got me for weeks. Haven’t gotten around to Violet Evergreen, Banafish and the children of the whales yet though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kristyn says:

      Lol, yeah, K is a bit like jumping head first into a world with little to no information but I kinda just went with it without thinking too much about it and, by the time I made it to the end, I became a huge fan. Your Lie in April is an anime I think most folks have gotten depressed over. And Violet Evergarden, Children of the Whales, and Banana Fish are all incredible shows with awesome plot as well as really appealing characters (plus their animation is beautiful). I highly recommend them!


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